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This week, a U.S. Senator visits our test track. We debate whether or not entry-level luxury SUVs are just hatchbacks in disguise. Plus, we answer viewer questions about road trips and Volkswagen's pickup truck concept.

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We're on the floor of the 2018 New York Auto Show for a live taping of Talking Cars! We discuss the cars that we think made an impact, the emerging trends in the auto industry and we answer questions from our live audience.

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Ford announces an all new safety suite for 2020. We compare the newly released test results on our Buick Regal and Kia Stinger also answer viewer questions, and a special question about the Mikes.

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Volkswagen says 'auf wiedersehen' to the Beetle and announces new electric models. We also discuss our 2018 Hyundai Accent and answer viewer questions.

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This week, we answer viewer questions about our Tesla Model 3 coverage. Some eagle-eyed members of our audience spotted our 2018 Nissan Leaf in our garage last week, so we give you our first impressions on Nissan's all-electric car. Finally, we discuss GMC's announcement of a new Sierra, and whether its swiss army knife of a tailgate will appeal to pickup buyers.

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Our Tesla Model 3 is finally here at the track, and we go in-depth on our initial impressions, including build quality, how it drives, and what we think of that big center screen.

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Each year, Consumer Reports chooses the best performing vehicles of the year in a number of categories. We discuss which cars we selected as the best of the year, automaker brand rankings, and how vehicles have evolved over the last decade.

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The Takata airbag recall continues and Fiat Chrysler recalls nearly 40,000 vehicles. We discuss how to track manufacturer recalls to make sure your car is safe. The Lexus RX350L joins our fleet, and we seek out the best American cars for teens.

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This week we answer your video submitted questions first! We also talk about two car commercials from the Super Bowl and discuss our newest test vehicle, the 2018 Ford EcoSport.

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We recap our trip to the SAE Government/Industry meeting and talk about why the names of safety features can be confusing to consumers. The Honda Clarity joins our test fleet and as always, we answer viewer questions.

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